How to reach venue

The hotel "Tulip Inn" is located in close proximity of the Danube river in the New Belgrade part of city. Being only 15 km far from the international airport Nikola Tesla and 5 km from the downtown, makes it easily accessible from all parts of Belgrade. Historical part of Belgrade is only 15 minutes away from the hotel.

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From airport to the hotel:

There are numerous taxi drivers offering service right at the exit of the airport. However, most drivers will try to negotiate the price with you in advance. You should avoid paying more than 2000 dinars (~18 euros) for the trip to the hotel.
The best way to get from the airport to the hotel is through the "taxi voucher system". This way the price is fixed and not the matter of negotiations with the taxi driver:
Once you get to the baggage claim area (BEFORE you exit through customs) look for the information stand (marked TAXI INFO). At that stand you ask for the taxi receipt (voucher) for the ride from the airport to the hotel. You will be issued a receipt (voucher) which you take with you and give it to the taxi driver outside in the taxi area. Receipt (voucher) contains the name of your destination (filled in manually) and appropriate price - for conference hotel receipt (voucher) price is 1500,00 RSD (~13EUR / ~16USD). You pay it to the taxi driver when you reach your destination.
In this case, make sure to exchange your currency to serbian dinars before you leave the airport. The exchange office, ATMs and the banks are located immediately after the customs area in the arrivals hall.
Exchange offices are frequent and easy to find through out the city and all will accept dollars or euros.

By public transportation: We recommend that participants take shuttle A1 from airport to "Fontana" station, and from there to take bus line 16 or taxi to the hotel. Also the bus line 72 leaves from airport Nikola Tesla to New Belgrade municipality and then line 16 leads to hotel. The bus line 16 also leads from The Republic Square to the hotel.

By car: The hotel is 15 kilometers away from the international airport Nikola Tesla (highway Belgrade-Zagreb-Omladinskih brigada-Boulevard Mihajla Pupina-Goce Delceva-hotel) and 6 kilometers from the city center.

Plenty of useful information can be found on the site of Tourist Organization of Belgrade!

AC power plugs in Serbia have two-pin sockets (CEE 7/4, commonly called "Schuko" socket), standard for continental Europe. The network is at 50 Hz and 220 V. If necessary please bring an appropriate adapter for your power plugs because we can not guarantee to provide them for you. Helpful information may be found at "AC power plugs and sockets".